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How are emails customized for my contacts or prospects?

So many prospects, students, and alumni receive communications from colleges and universities that they may never read. It is not because these communications are bad, but the sheer number of emails contacts are bombarded with every day makes it impossible for them to read everything. In addition, a majority of emails they receive do not pertain to them or their interests. They may receive emails about sports they do not play, Greek life they may not be involved in, or majors they have no interest in studying.

customize emailsSo may colleges and universities are wasting time and energy on communications that do little to engage the vast majority of prospects, students, and alumni. However, there is also no way that one piece of communications will fit all. That’s why ReachBright gives you the opportunity to create an unlimited number of email templates. No matter the interest of the contact, you are sure to have a template that will fit his or her needs.

Learn More About Your Prospects, Students, and Alumni

With ReachBright’s automatic tagging logic, every contact will be assigned a specific tag based on his or her email and web activity. Those who visit your athletics page will be given an athletics tag. Those who visit your financial aid site will be given a financial aid tag. Using these tags, ReachBright is able to keep track of your thousands of contacts based on their interests, needs, and wants. The email templates you created are then set up in an automatic email chain. Tags are assigned to each chain and when a contact is automatically assigned a tag based on his or her web or email activity, these email chains automatically begin to send. The contact with the athletics tag will receive the athletics email chain, while the contact with the financial aid tag may only receive the financial aid communications. The more tags your prospect or contact gains, the more targeted communications he or she will be privy to.

Because ReachBright was able to acquire contacts’ interests based on their web activity, the emails they will receive are sure to be ones that they will be excited to open and read.

One-Time Groups

Sometimes a special email is needed for a rare and exciting event. Perhaps your institution’s football team won the championship. Maybe your dining services were named the best in the country. Your financial aid office may be hosting a scholarship competition. Whatever the occasion, with ReachBright you can create your exciting email and send it out to interested contacts based on their tags, without having to worry about creating an auto campaign for it.